Dattatreya mantra in kannada

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Dattatreya mantra in kannada

In this incarnation Datta showed many miracles to people around him and uplifted them.

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It is believed that the formless, attribute less essential nature has taken a form with attributes and came down to this earth in the Kaliyuga during our times as Sreepada Sreevallabha. It is a great fallacy to consider him as a human being. He is formless though appearing with a form body. He is nirguna though appears as saguna.

Malladi Bapanna Avadhanulu of Harithasa gothra is the maternal grandfather of Sripada. Her brother was Malladi Sridhara avadhanlu belonged to the same place. Lord Ganapati had received the Poornahuti with his trunk and to the astonishment of all the people, disclosed that he will take birth as Sripada Srivallabha on Ganesh Chaturdhi. Later both the scholars went to Pithapuram village and settled there. Baapanarya was blessed with a son Venkavadhanlu and a daughter Sumathi.

Ghandikota Appala Laxminarasimha Raja Sarma belonging to Bharadwaja gotra and Apasthambha sutra and to the branch of Velnati Vaidikas approached Baapanarya one day for the study of sastras and vedic education.

Datta used to speak to Appala Raja Sharma and guided him.

dattatreya related Sanskrit Documents in Kannada script

Time passed by and one day when Baapanarya was worshipping the Shiv Ling in Kukkuteswara Swamy Temple, he heard an unknown voice which identified itself as Lord Shiva and ordered him to get his daughter married off to Appala Raja Sharma. Baapanarya obeyed the instructions and performed the marriage. Sumathi was in a dilemma whether to give him food or not because the ritual was yet to be completed and the Brahmins did not eat the food.

dattatreya mantra in kannada

She asked him to be her son. He then replied that it would take place very soon and disappeared. Appala Raja Sharma felt very happy knowing this. From that day onwards every night she began to behold the visions of Trimurtis, several deities and yogi.

At the time he saw a boy with tremendous glow around him, come out of the idol and enter into his body. He was awe struck. Lord Datta showed him his next incarnation to Appala Raja Sharma. He was the third child among six children to his parents.I have started some work on making available some of the commonly recited mantras and shlokas in Kannada. A review of this document and any comments and more importantly corrections would be very welcome.

Posted in MantrasReligion. Subscribe to comments with RSS. Thanks for posting some of them in kannada which helped us in learning at a faster pace with correct pronunciations. If you could forward the same to my e-mail or even post in on your website, it will be greatly appreciated. Hi Hari I am looking for Aghora mantra and Sudarshana mantra can you mail me channagoudabk gmail.

dattatreya mantra in kannada

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook Email. Like this: Like Loading Written by Hariprasad November 6, at pm. Temple picnic! Thanks in advance Lakshman. Lakshman Mittur October 31, at pm. Namaskara Sri Lakshman, I am yet to transliterate the mantras you have mentioned.

Will do them asap and update the blog. Thanks and Regards, Hari. Hariprasad November 7, at am. Shankar June 19, at pm. In which website i can download surya mantras in kannada verion and chanting. Very good attempt and is very helpfull for younger generations Thank you very much. Ningappa September 7, at pm. Iam ningappan looking for kannada kavan, shlokha and village janapada songs. Harish December 3, at pm. Raghavendra February 13, at pm.

Raghavendra February 15, at pm.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.The text is a Tantra and Vaishnava work, likely one of the relatively recent, 14th- or 15th-century CE era composition compared to other Upanishads. The text asserts that the worship of Vishnu, Narayana and Dattatreya leads one to the nature of Truth-Bliss-Knowledge.

The author and composition date of the text are unknown. Given this sectarian nature, and the description of tantric mantras in the text, it is likely a relatively late Upanishad. Sectarian Upanishads with tantra mantras were likely composed after the 10th century, states Douglas Brooks. Rigopoulos states that the text likely was written in perhaps the 14th or 15th century CE, after Dattatreya sampradaya monastic group within Vaishnavism was well established.

The text is named after sage Dattatreya. The single-syllable mantra is considered the important mantra in Tantra for a deity. The eight-syllabled "Dram Dattatreyaya namah" follows. It means 'dram obeisance to Dattatreya'. After the syllable mantras, the text presents the mantra — "Dattatreya Hare Krishna Finally, Dattatreya is called an ocean of knowledge, conveying his role as a great Teacher; this mantra is one of the most popular mantras of sage Dattatreya as a deity.

The hymn says that Dattatreya is propitiated easily by simply remembrance. He is called "crazy" unmattachild and demon, as earlier.

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Meditating on the mantra taught, asserts the text, leads the yogi to transmute, fuse with the supreme and realize god within himself. Home Dattatreya Upanishad.Post a Comment. Set As Homepage. Add To Favorites. About Us, Donations, Contact Us. Subscribe Via Email to Receive Snaps posted on this blog.

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dattatreya mantra in kannada

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Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Stories SEE All. Is Dalgona Coffee over-hyped? Navbharat Times. Featured Today In Travel. Brihaspati Mantra Mantra Meaning and Benefits.Dattatreya Hare Krushna unmattananddayak Digambar mune bal pishach gyansagar.

Om aim krom klim klum rham rhim rhum souhou Dattatreyay Swaaha ll. Om Dram hreem krom Dattatreya vidmahe Yogishwaraya dhimahi Tanno data prachodayat ll. Om digambaraya vidmahe Yogishwaraya dhimahi Tanno data prachodayat ll. Om Dattatreya vidmahe Digambaraya dhimahi Tanno data prachodayat ll. Om Dattatreya vidmahe Avdootaya dhimahi Tanno data prachodayat ll.

According to Hindu Mythology chanting of Dattatreya Mantra regularly is the most powerful way to please God Dattatreya and get his blessing. To get the best result you should chant Dattatreya Mantra early morning after taking bath and in front of God Dattatreya Idol or picture. You should first understand the Dattatreya Mantra meaning in hindi to maximize its effect. Regular chanting of Dattatreya Mantra gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from your life and makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Bhairav Chalisa. Durga Chalisa. Ganesh Chalisa. Gayatri Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa. Kaila Devi Chalisa. Kali Chalisa.

Laxmi Chalisa. Navagraha Chalisa. Sai Chalisa.

Dattatreya Gayatri Mantra

Saraswati Chalisa. Shani Chalisa. Shiva Chalisa. Surya Chalisa. Durga Kavach. Hanuman Kavach. Kali Kavach. Ketu Kavach. Narayan Kavach. Rahu Kavach. Shani Kavach. Surya Kavach.His iconography varies regionally. In western Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradeshfor example, he is typically shown with three heads and six hands, one head each for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and one pair of hands holding the symbolic items associated with each member of the Trimurti : The jaapmaala and water pot of Brahmathe conch and sudarshana chakra discus of Vishnu, and the trishula trident and two headed drum of Shiva.

In paintings and some large carvings, he is surrounded by four dogs and a cow, the dogs are not symbols for the four Vedas but Duttaguru' s teaching of similitude and equality among all creatures especially animals, right from the pure and holy cow to the dog, the least and lowest of lifeforms in Hindu thought; this exegesis was put forward by a charismatic personality, the avtari purush godman of the Dattatreya lineage, Shri Ramakrishna Saraswati Kshirsagar Swamiji of Ambikapur Ahmednagar.

The cow is adored and reverenced mainly in North India as a symbol of the Mother Earth who nourishes all living beings. This is evidenced by the Marathi text Navanathabhaktisarastates Mallinson, wherein there is syncretic fusion of the Nath Sampradaya with the Mahanubhava sect by identifying nine Naths with nine Narayanas.

The puranic stories of Dattatreya are diverse and vary by region. In the Puranashe was born in north Indian hermitage to Anusuya and her husband the Vedic sage Atri traditionally credited with making the largest contribution to the Rigveda. Another states his father lived in the western Deccan region. As the trinity were pleased with them for having brought light and knowledge to the world, instantly granted the boon, which led Dattatreya to be born with characteristics of all three.

While his origins are unclear, stories about his life are more clearer. He is described in the Mahabharata as an exceptional Rishi sage with extraordinary insights and knowledge, who is adored and raised to a Guru and an Avatar of Vishnu in the Puranas. One myth claims he meditated immersed in water for a long time, [18] another has him wandering from childhood and the young Dattatreya footprints have been preserved on a lonely peak at Girnar Junagadh, Gujarat. The Tripura-rahasya refers to the disciple Parasurama finding Dattatreya meditating on Gandhamadana mountain.

Dattatreya is said to have his lunch daily by taking alms at a holy place PithapuramAndhra Pradesh, where he was born as Sripada Sri Vallabha his first avatar.

The young Dattatreya is famous in the Hindu texts as the one who started with nothing and without teachers, yet reached self-awareness by observing nature during his Sannyasi wanderings, and treating these natural observations as his twenty four teachers.

The appearance of Shri Dattatreya in pictures varies according to traditional beliefs. A typical icon for Dattatreya, particularly popular with Marathi-speaking people in India, has three heads corresponding to Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, and six hands; the lowest two hands carry rosary mala and water pot kamandalumiddle pair of hands hold hourglass mini-drum damaru and trident trishuland top two hands have conch shankh and spinning wheel chakra.

Many older medieval temples of Dattatreya show him with just one head, such as the one in Mahurone at Narayanpur on Pune Satara Road, Near Pune, and another in Pandharpurboth in southern Maharashtra. In western parts of Maharashtra, the syncretic six armed and three faced iconography is more common.

He is the motif of the '"honey bee" Yogin who has realized advaita knowledge. Dattatreya as the archetypal model of syncretism : [3]. Another distinctive aspect of Dattatreya iconography is that it includes four dogs and a cow.

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The four dogs represent the Vedas, [5] as trustworthy all weather friends, company and guardians, while the cow is a metaphor for mother earth who silently and always provides nourishment. Dattatreya's sculptures with alternate iconography have been identified in 1st millennium CE cave temples and archaeological sites related to Hinduism.

The right earlobe jewelry and hair decoration in this art work of Dattatreya is of Shiva, but on his left the details are those of Vishnu.

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A sculpture similar to Badami, but with some differences, has been discovered in Ajmer Rajasthan. The Ajmer art work is a free statue where Dattatreya is standing, has one head and four hands. In his various hands, he carries a Trishula of Shiva, a Chakra of Vishnu, a Kamandalu of Brahma, and a rosary common to all three. The historic Indian literature has interpreted the representation of Dattatreya symbolically. His three heads are symbols of the Gunas qualities in Samkhya school of Hinduism.

The three Gunas are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

dattatreya mantra in kannada

The Kamadhenu cow is symbolic Panchabutasthe four dogs are inner forces of a human being: Iccha, Vasana, Asha and Trishna. In these interpretations, Dattatreya is that yogi Guru teacher who has perfected all these, rules them rather than is ruled by them, and is thus the Guru Dattatreya is beyond them.

The Dattatreya Upanishad tantra-focussedDarshana Upanishad yoga-focussed and particularly the Avadhuta Upanishad advaita-focussed present the philosophy of the Dattatreya tradition.

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Other Upanishads where Dattatreya's name appears in lists of ancient Hindu monks revered for their insights on renunciation are Jabala UpanishadNaradaparivrajaka UpanishadBhikshuka Upanishad and Yajnavalkya Upanishad. Dattatreya is mentioned in the Mahabharata [46] and the Ramayana. Dattatreya is mentioned in the ancient chapter 9 of the Sattvata Samhita and chapter 5 of the Ahirbudhnya Samhitaboth among the oldest layer of texts in the Vaishnava Agama tradition Pancaratra.


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